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DIY Origami Paper Garland

Strung paper garlands are a great way to take your event or party decor to the next level. They are completely customizable to any theme or color scheme, are lightweight enough to hang easily, yet sturdy enough to be reused again and again! You can combine any number of origami shapes, sizes, colors and spacing to create a unique backdrop for a shower, birthday party or wedding.

The most time consuming part of the garland is the origami folding itself, but don’t let this deter you from making your own beautiful hanging paper decor. Give yourself plenty of time in advance so you can fold a few shapes each evening or between daily tasks. And don’t be afraid to outsource! You might be surprised how many of your friends and family members are happy to help with the folding. Many find the art of origami relaxing and satisfying, or simply like to keep their hands busy.

The process of stringing and securing each shape with hot glue takes about 30 minutes for a 7 – 8 foot strand. There are no beads or complicated knots involved, just a needle, thread and hot glue.

For this garland I have chosen to use 30 origami octahedron‘s folded from 2.75 inch paper in 15 different colors. Each finished shape is about 1 inch long – with 2 inches between shapes the final product is 90 inches or 7.5 feet long.

thread typeFor thread you will want something heavier than typically used for sewing. I like this 12 weight cotton thread by Sulky which comes in many colors, is easy to work with and surprisingly strong. I used the same thread to hang 1001 cranes for my wedding which survived through transportation and a good amount of tangling and untangling.



Prep your workspace by laying out your origami shapes in the pattern you want on the final garland and heat your glue gun. Use a long enough piece of thread so you have at least a foot left on either end to hang. I used approximately 10 feet (about 2 arms lengths).


On most shapes there will be an “open” end to use as a starting point. Place the needle into the open end and straight out the opposite closed end where you will be poking a hole a new hole. Gently guide the shape down towards the end of the string and repeat with all pieces.

pre glue

Once all the shapes are threaded onto the string, anchor your needle end situate the pieces so you can start working from the bottom.






Starting from the bottom (the first shape you strung), place a small drop of glue about a foot from the end of the thread and slide the piece onto the glue to secure it in place. Repeat with remaining pieces, using a scrap piece of card stock as a spacing guide.

You will need to work quickly before the glue hardens but once finished, your garland is ready to be used right away!

Try different origami shapes, sizes and color patterns to suit your needs. Alternate large and small pieces or different spacing gaps for more interest. Enjoy the many different ways it can be hung, or layer multiple strands!

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