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Free Printable Thank You Card

Use a blank A2 size card or any card stock to print your own Thank You card anytime you need one! This design was hand painted with a lettering brush and ink, then digitally traced to be enjoyed again and again. Let someone know how much you appreciate them with a simple card you can print at home.

Painted hand lettered Thank You card download

This design is made to print on a small folded card. The dimensions are 4.25 in x 5.5 in folded, 8.5 in x 5.5 in unfolded. This is a standard A2 size greeting card which you can find at any craft or hobby store. You can also cut any sheet of card stock to fit, then fold down the middle after printing.


Printing Tips

  • My laserjet printer feeds in as labeled in the photo above but your printer may be different. To test, mark a piece of paper with an arrow the direction you feed it in, then print and check.
  • A high quality card stock will produce the best looking card – but make sure your printer can handle it first.
  • When you print, check the settings and adjust to the highest resolution available. If you have a laserjet make sure you aren’t in toner save mode, if you’re using an inkjet, reduce the output speed.



The download button will open the high quality image file in a new tab or window, from there you can print right away or save for later!

Thank You card Download



If you’re looking for a finished product, check out these hand painted and embossed Thank You cards: colorful “thank you!“, metallic “thank you“, metallic “you’re the best

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