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  • Sugar cookie painting tutorial for The Very Hungry Caterpillar watercolor style

    Cookie Painting: Eric Carle Style

    Cookie painting is a really fun technique for decorating sugar cookies that looks much harder than it is. Though there is definitely a time and place for a more traditional decorated look with colored icings piped into different designs and layers, I really prefer the painting......

  • Sugar Cookie: Part 2 – The Icing

    This is part two of a three part sugar cookie tutorial – the icing recipe. Now that you have your sugar cookies, you can add a layer of white icing which will become the perfect canvas for the final painted cookies. Or use this recipe to make colorful cookies......

  • Sugar Cookie: Part 1 – The Cookie

    Over the years, classic cut sugar cookies have become one of my favorite cookies to make. They can be made ahead and stored easily in the freezer for up to several months, and left plain or decorated boldly for any event or party. For part one......